The Public Overview of the New Series; Huwag Kang Mangamba and Init sa Magdamag

After the controversial shutdown of ABS CBN’s network, they have managed to air their shows and movies once again on Free Pinoy Tv through the A2Z channel last October 2020. This 2021, two new series were released by ABS CBN, Huwag Kang Mangamba and Init sa Magdamag.

Huwag Kang Mangamba is a show that tells the story of two girls, Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz, which by playful strings of destiny met each other on a rather coincidental accident. This story revolves around their lives and how “Bro,” their own portrayal of Jesus Christ, is what’s keeping them from giving up. Mira Cruz (Andrea Brillantes) is a blind girl that was left by her mother in a shelter and promised her that she will get her back the next day, but her mother didn’t come back even after 10 years. She then struggled to find her when the shelter was closed due to a lack of funding. She found her way to the town of Hermoso where her mother is said to have gone to when she left 10 years ago.

On the other hand, Joy Cordero (Francine Diaz) is a typical teenager in a family which consists of her biological father, a stepmother, and stepsister. Her stepmom and stepsister are always mean to her, her sister even framed her up to make her look like she was taking drugs hence the reason why they had to move to the town of Hermoso. The general public really enjoyed this series as it shows the excellent acting skills of the former gold squad, the main cast of Kadenang Ginto. Their roles and personalities on that series were somehow reversed on Huwag Kang Mangamba and people are excited about it. Comments are saying that both actresses are so good at acting that they can fulfill any role thrown at them. The audience also praised the ABS CBN Network for providing yet another outstanding TV Series.

The other series that aired on April 19, 2021, Init sa Magdamag, has also received a lot of positive feedbacks from its audience. The story of this series involves three major people namely, Rita, Peterson, and Tupe, the three of them started a love triangle. Tupe and Rita met each other first, both aspiring to be a part of the medical field, Rita wanted to be a licensed nurse while Tupe wanted to be a doctor. However, Tupe’s father who’s a politician has brought him and his relationship with Rita to an end due to an incident concerning corrupt politics. If you have any questions relating to in which and how to use Pinoy Tele, you can make contact with us at our internet site. Rita, finding herself again after the heartbreak she had gone through, met Peterson. Peterson was head over heels for Rita and ended up marrying her after pursuing her all that time. He was also an upcoming politician, and his bad reputation was blocking his way to becoming successful, but he devoted himself to his wife and insists that his wife is behind his changed behavior. Their happy married life was put to an end when Peterson met an accident.

Due to the accident, Peterson couldn’t provide a child and they decided to hire a sperm donor thinking that a child will help them recover their relationship. But the hired sperm donor was Tupe and once again, the love between the two, Rita and Tupe has developed once again. The netizens are excited and were always on the edge of their seats knowing how good the actors are. There are rumors about the actor of Tupe, Jerald Anderson, that he will again be in an affair with his leading lady. But this rumor is just a rumor, and the overall reactions of the audience were overwhelming as they address how good of an actor and actress the casts are. Additionally, the thrilling story and plot twists are what’s making the audience love this series even more.

How Magpakailanman and Maalaala Mo Kaya depicts the story of ordinary citizens and celebrities alike

Life is a series of emotions, hardships, and sacrifice but it can also be rainbows and unicorns. However, nothing’s permanent in this world. They say that in order to get what you want; you have to go through suffering. Indeed, you would not be able to enjoy your success if you’ve never tasted defeat. Fail stands for the first attempt in learning, and life is a constant learning ground no matter the age or how much experience a person has. If you never failed, that is because you never tried at all.

There are life stories that carry great lessons and experiences awaiting to be shared with people. The GMA Network’s Magpakailanman together with ABS CBN’s Maalaala Mo Kaya is a competing drama anthology that portrays the life of ordinary citizens and celebrities alike. These shows are famous for telling stories submitted by their viewers and audience or maybe featuring a celebrity or an icon. There’s a saying that goes like this, “Experience is the best teacher,” but not all experiences shall be experienced firsthand. These Philippine TV Shows perform dramatizations of the week’s story and at the end of the show, there will be life lessons that not everyone might relate to, but they will be able to learn from the experience of others.

To begin with, those celebrities that we think are living the life we dreamed of are not really rich and these shows are the eye-opener for Filipino people that if you want to achieve your dreams, then you have to learn how to work hard. Even celebrities have their difficulties and obstacles in life before they achieved the life that some ‘normal’ citizens envy. There are also stories on these shows, Magpakailanman and Maalaala Mo Kaya, that portrays the life of ordinary citizens that may have had a life full of hardships and surprises but were able to rise to the top of their success. Those kinds of stories are what inspire Filipino viewers to work hard in life.

These shows depict the featured stories as to how they happened in real life. Most of the stories that are portrayed in these shows are of those people that are from the bottom of society but were able to become better people. Some of these programs’ stories show how Filipino families are bonded together and some common conflicts that most Filipino families watching are experiencing such as poverty, hunger, conflict about money, and there are also some that shows life stories of people who are deceased and their story was told by a family member, relative, or a close friend.

During special seasons like Halloween or Christmas, there are also special episodes that aired on these shows. My personal favorites are Halloween specials, they feature supernatural experiences of people who have encountered ghosts, some Philippine myths, urban legends, and even stories about witches and witchcraft. There are also people featured on these shows that claim to have a third eye.

Magpakailanman and Maalaala Mo Kaya are shows that do not only give people the chance to learn from other people’s experience but also make them feel that they are acknowledged, that they have the chance to rise from their misery, and that their stories are heard.

How the General Public view react and think about Its Showtime and Eat Bulaga

It’s Showtime and Eat Bulaga are both noontime variety shows of the two most popular networks in the Philippine Television, ABS CBN Network and GMA Network. These programs have different segments that is aired for people to be entertained and have fun.

These two TV shows are what Filipino families look forward to during their lunch break and noontime family bonding. It has become a part of Filipino afternoon to sit and watch either of these shows or sometimes they even switch from one show to another from time to time.

Both shows aim to entertain people, not just the ones on their studios, but also people outside watching them through television. While It’s Showtime prioritized engaging with their studio audience and walk-in candidates, Eat Bulaga has more engagements outside their studio which is during the highlight of the show the “Juan for All, All for Juan” which is a bayanihan act they perform to help people in a certain barangay they visit. But that was before the pandemic came, now the highlight and most popular segment of the show is the “Bawal Judgmental” in which the guest of their show predicts who from the players on the stage is the person they are looking for. There were lots of scenes from that segment that went viral in the Philippines for giving people such good laughs. It’s Showtime also has a new segment which is the “Reina ng Tahanan” that is dedicated towards mothers and people are overwhelmed with the heartfelt messages that this segment is giving the audience. That segment also helps families to connect more and understand each other. Filipinos are also good at singing, and It’s Showtime has their own segment for a singing contest named “Tawag ng Tanghalan” to have contestants showcase and compete against each other and with the contending champion. There are a variety of singers that the audience loves to watch and listen to.

Although both programs have their own uniqueness and sense of humor, a lot of people are saying that the jokes of the hosts in It’s Showtime are offensive to some people. Vice Ganda, who is said to be the star of It’s Showtime is a very talented comedian, but a lot are complaining how some of his jokes are below the belt and offensive. Even then, Vice Ganda is still the host that almost everyone is looking forward to watch in It’s Showtime for his witty jokes and rebuts. On the other hand, hosts on Eat Bulaga, like Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo, and Paolo Ballesteros are also comedians that adds more fun to the show.

Both programs have their own strengths and weaknesses, therefore, there are people who also likes to switch between the two programs. They will watch Eat Bulaga and switch to It’s Showtime when it goes for a commercial break and vice versa. Nevertheless, the shows have been running for years and it proves that people loves it as it has become a part of their daily life to watch their favorite noontime shows together with their families and loved ones For those who have just about any issues regarding in which and the best way to make use of telepinoy.Su, you can contact us on our own site. .

Reaction of the Public towards ABS CBN Shutdown Controversy

ABS CBN is one of the most famous TV networks in the Philippines, they broadcast different shows and dramas that Filipinos have come to love over the past years. They have promising actors and actresses, they even have shows that are acknowledged by other countries. If you have any concerns regarding where and how you can use Pinoy Tele, you can call us at the page. They have TV series such as “Pangako sa’yo”, known as “The Promise” internationally, that has been aired in more than 10 countries. The network can also be watched all over the world by OFWs, ABS CBN has helped them in overcoming their homesickness. But the recent ABS CBN shutdown has brought sorrow and tears to their Kapamilya fans.

ABS CBN’s franchise renewal expired and was not approved as the government focused more on the problem at hand, the pandemic. The network was forced to shut down and their renewal was rejected after a few hearings, they were accused as biased and therefore wasn’t approved for their franchise renewal. President Duterte have said that he would not allow the network to operate not unless the owners of the said network pays their taxes. The last broadcast of the network, which is their news program TV Patrol, has brought tears to their audience as their news reporter mentioned at the end of the program that they are now signing off.

People have loved this network for so long, the actors and actresses, their programs and shows, and their famous love teams are what people were always looking forward to every day. Their shutdown has brought a lot of different opinions and views toward the network. Some agreed that the network is indeed biased while some believed that the network is only broadcasting the truth to the public.

The shutdown of the network was also said to have left almost 11,000 employees of the network without a job as they needed to fire people due to their shutdown. Some of the public citizens have appealed to not continue their shutdown as the unemployment rate of the country would further increase, plus the country is in the middle of a pandemic therefore could render those employees to starvation.

Nevertheless, the true and avid Kapamilya fans of ABS CBN still stands with them and believe that the network will soon have their justice. And indeed, after their shutdown in May 2020, the ABS CBN announced in October 2020 that their shows will be back on television via the A2Z channel.

The network has since then aired their shows back on TV and introduced some new programs and series as well. Their noontime show, It’s Showtime, also had new segments that made their audience delighted. It’s as if this is the network’s way of giving back to their kapamilya fans that stick with them through their lowest and now that they are back to their broadcasting, they are also back to providing only the best shows that their viewers have been looking forward to watch.

In conclusion, their temporary absence from the television has made their viewers love and more eager to watch their shows. This only proves that when people love something, they stick with it no matter what happens. They believe in it and continues to hold on to it.

First Yaya

This Philippine Pinoy Teleserye ‘First Yaya’, which was first aired on March 15, 2021 by the GMA Network, tells the story of an ordinary woman named Melody Reyes who, by different coincidences in life lead her to become the nanny of the widowed Glenn Acosta’s children. Glenn Acosta who is also the Vice-President of the Philippines, which soon became the President due to the President’s demise, will fall into a modern fairytale with his children’s nanny, Melody Reyes. Their story was challenged by their status in the society and obstacles regarding their families, but they are willing to overcome and conquer everything for each other. Their love story did not start out well as there are things they have to consider before they decided to date each other.

During the first stages of their relationship, they struggled to hide it from everyone, but no secrets are never revealed. Soon, the children of the President Glenn Acosta found out about their relationship which did not turn out great because they got mad at Melody. But that was soon resolved by acts of kindness from Melody to the children. However, they are not the only people who will hinder the story of our main characters. The mother of Glenn wants another girl for him that is said to be more suitable for a President but when Glenn and this said girl broke up, the mother got suspicious. Lo and behold, she found out that Melody and Glenn were already dating, and she was against it. Aside from this, being a President is not as easy as it is, your every move will be monitored by everyone. To be with a President is one thing but them having time for you as their partner is another thing.

Personally, I find it amazing how someone who has so many duties and responsibilities would still have time for their partner. It is somehow rare to find someone who could be as devoted as Glenn Acosta in this modern time. As the President is a public figure and the citizens are expecting a lot from him, the news about him dating the nanny of his children was controversial. But when it came to the point where it was threatening his position as the President, he decided to reveal his relationship with Melody to everyone. Melody’s family was delighted but Glenn’s mother was upset as to why Glenn did not consult her before doing the said action. But because of what the President decided to do, it brought the support of everyone to their relationship and the citizens were pleased for what he had done. It was brave and bold for Glenn to do such act without hesitating just for the sake of his love for Melody. This television series is good for people who loves fairytale-like stories where a common girl and a famous, rich, and handsome guy falls for each other. They have that what we call ‘young love’ and typical pinoy lambingan moments, but the obstacles to their happy ever after are not over yet.

Philippine TV Love Teams

In any country and TV shows, it is rare to not see any love teams or a romantic relationship in movies and series. In the Philippine Television, love teams on showbiz are quite popular. We have different tandems that most of the viewers love. When a certain love team in the Philippines are in the process of producing a movie or series, their fans would always anticipate it and watch it no matter what. Most of the time, if a famous love team has a movie to be released, their movie would instantly hit blockbuster their first day as their fans would line up to watch it during the premiere.

Philippine Television have tons of showbiz love teams, the two biggest and most watched networks in the local TV of Filipino families are ABS CBN and GMA network. Both of these networks have their own gems when it comes to love teams. The top three and most famous love teams when it comes to audience favorites are love teams from ABS CBN, they are Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, their love team is named KathNiel, they also have Nadine Lustre and James Reid, their love team is named JaDine, and last on the list of top three from ABS CBN are Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, their love team is named LizQuen. Of course, GMA network has their own sets of love teams as well. They have Ken Chan and Barbie Forteza and are named as KenBie, they also have Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid, their love team is called GabRu, lastly, we have the most famous, mainstream, and former love team of GMA network, Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza and Alden Richards, and they are formerly known as AlDub.

AlDub was so famous during their debut and almost everyone was a fan of them. Children, teenagers, parents, and even senior citizens were fond of them. The ratings of the noontime show Eat Bulaga during those days really skyrocketed through the roof. AlDub reached a lot of accomplishments on the internet as well, their hashtag has the most tweets on Twitter. But their popularity soon vanished the moment that their story has reached the climax, the people lost interest about their love story as they have already met each other.

There are a lot of other love teams in both networks that are well-known to the public. Although, when it comes to love team’s popularity, I can say that ABS CBN would win the battle hands down. If you want to find more information in regards to Tele Pinoy look into our webpage. They have new love teams blossoming every season and people love them instantly, earning them new series from their network right away. Newly formed love teams are SethDrea, Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin, and KyCine which is consists of Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz. SethDrea and KyCine are love teams that both formed during their series Kadenang Ginto, they are also known as the Gold Squad. After their success with Kadenang Ginto, the former gold squad have had a new series released last March 2021.

To summarize, love teams on showbiz and television are widely anticipated in the Philippines. They are one of the many things that spice up things in the Philippine TV shows.