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The main part of cotton is synthetic chemical fiber. Amorphous synthenic fiber is the most commonly used fiber. The product is manufactured in sheet, bong loc bui frame with a heavy, porous, breathable structure. From there, it holds a wide range of dust and is easy to wash for reuse.

Cotton used to filter dust is made of chemical fiber material

When it comes to characteristics, the announced specifications are as follows:

Weight ranges from 170g to 380g/m2

Thickness ranges from 5mm to 20mm.

Breathability 5400 m3/h.

The operating pressure differential amplitude ranges from 17Pa to 250 Pa.

Dust filtration efficiency reaches from 70% to 95%.

The merchandise features a porous structure developed by the strategy of fiber pressing. After production is completed, the cotton is wrapped in rolls packed in nylon bags. Dust filter cotton is created by glue spray technology, giving a white finished product. Each cotton roll is 20mx2m or 20mx1m.

Industries that use dust filter cotton

Many manufacturing industries use specific filter cotton such as:

Air filtration in clean rooms, sterile rooms in hospital areas. Ensure aseptic conditions to prevent cross-contamination.

Dust removal for the AHU system. Reduce repair costs as a result of the increased capacity of the machine and stable operation.

Filter dust in paint rooms, garages for car repair and maintenance.

Increase aseptic conditions in the region of ​​testing, research, drug production, etc.

Cotton dust filter is employed to completely clean the air when processing food for export. Or the surroundings used to work and process items has strict requirements.

Eliminate coarse dust when using an air compressor to enhance operational efficiency.

Items are found in a variety of industries

In addition, dust filter cotton is employed to pre-filter before bag filter, HEPA filter, industrial dust filter, etc.

What types of dust filter cotton is there?

Currently on the market you can find 4 forms of filter cotton available: G1, G2, G3, G4. Each product has different structure and properties, so it may be applied in many different fields. Specifically:

Filter cotton g1

Filter cotton g2

Filter cotton g3

The item features a thickness of 15mm

Filter cotton g4


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