Growing Interdependence of Website Designing And SEO

2 years ago

As the Internet usage is surging across the globe, almost every new and old business house is investing resources to develop websites.

As a matter of fact, hundreds of blog sites and websites are getting operational over the Internet on daily basis. With the Internet getting more crowded, websites literally jostle to capture a user's attention.

Web Designing and SEO goes Together

Traffic volume for any particular website, is predominantly dependent upon Website Designing and Search Engine Optimization.

Serving entirely different purposes, both of these complement each other and are joined at roots. No matter how meticulously we design our website, it is destined to fail if not properly optimized. Similarly, a well optimized website with poor user experience is unlikely to convince users to shop for any of the products or services.

So, both SEO and Website Designing go hand-in-hand to define success of any website.

For instance, if we utilize Google to search for any product or service, we are most likely to be provided with the list of results deemed fit as per Google's algorithm.

Search Engine Optimization comes into picture at this particular time, as it assists us to secure a place on the SERP (search engine result page).

Higher rank in SERP automatically translates into higher number of footfalls on our website. However, how long a user stays on our website, solely depends on website's design and content.

Complexities Involved

It is logical to say that Search Engine Optimization and Website Designing share a one common concern of increasing traffic.

While both are complimentary to each other, both are bundled with certain complexities.

For instance, a SEO uses various sub-techniques such as back-linking, article marketing, Blog Marketing to achieve certain website ranking. On the other hand, it is the website designer's job to make the website appealing, and ensure it captivates user attention at an instant.

As the website marks its significant presence in the search engine, the website design is likely to play a crucial role.

Either the website would be parked in a pile of 'useless' sites or it would be ranked among most sought after sites. Also while doing designing work; if you properly use necessary tags such as “ALT tags“, it will help in achieving better Search Engine Rankings.

So, it clearly calls for a close knitted collaboration between SEO and the Website Designing.

In a nutshell, both are interdependent and are capable of generating stupendous results, if carefully executed.

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