Trump goes nuclear on Hillary: 'She got schlonged' in the 2008 primary





Sony develops battery that runs on waste paper Ancient texts shed light on life 5,000 years ago……

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And in case anyone’s in any doubt that the thing exists, Doetlling has posted a gallery of photos online with the title ‘Proof of reality’ – which show a suitably slab-like safe, surrounded by cameras.

Résumé: Former governor of New York.

Former New York state senator and state assemblyman. Former mayor of Peekskill, NY.

The ultimate Christmas gift? An £155,000 watch safe – with a TV, bar, fake fire and cigar humidor

Six feet tall and five feed wide

Offers 60 illuminated, computer-controlled watch winders

Smartphone controlled TV and stereo

Bar section and air-conditioned humidor

By Rob Waugh

Updated: 02:37 BST, 20 December 2011

What strikes others, may, of course, be the price. The Gigantis reportedly retails at $240,000 – and depending on your choice of customisation options, that could even go up.Your watch collection had better be worth it.

The Doettling Gigantis not only winds 60 watches with computer-controlled precision, it also has a TV, stereo, fake fire and cigar humidor

In an exclusive interview Mr Guerin also admitted the comments were in bad taste.  

Family: Married to Jane O’Meara Sanders (1988), a former president of Burlington College.

He has one child from a previous relationship and is stepfather to three from Mrs. Sanders’ previous marriage. His brother Larry is a Green Party politician in the UK and formerly served on the Oxfordshire County Council.

Résumé: Governor of Ohio.

Former chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee. Former Ohio congressman. Former Ohio state senator.