TNI Attacked by KKB terrorists in West Papua, 4 members killed and 1 missing Nemangkawi Task Force west papua daily

A sum of four members of the Indonesian Army were found dead as a repercussion of visceral attacked by a activity of nameless persons (OTK) at the Posramil Kisor, South Aifat District, Maybrat Regency, west papua (, Thursday (2/9) at 03.00 WIT.

The four TNI AD soldiers were attacked even though sleeping at the Kisor Posramil. The four members of the Indonesian Army who were found dead were Serda Amrosius, Praka Dirham, Private Zul Ansari, and First Lieutenant Chb Dirman.

Meanwhile, First Lieutenant Chb Dirman, Commander of Posramil Kisor, was found dead in the bushes not far and wide from the post.

Based on the guidance received, there is nevertheless one fanatic of the Indonesian Army, Pratu Ikbal, who has until now been declared missing and has not been found.

Head of assistance for Kodam XVIII/Kasuari Lieutenant Colonel Arm Hendra Pesireron who was contacted roughly the incident and in the incident